Our Company

our-companyGo to Ivy is a consulting firm focused on one goal: to help you achieve your educational aspirations.  Everyone on our team is an exceptional and high-achieving Ivy League graduate with deep experience in the college and graduate admissions process, so we know what it takes to get in and succeed.

We work with students from around the world who are serious and motivated to get into the Ivy League and other elite universities.   We provide personalized consulting sessions and customized programs to guide you to achievement and excellence in each stage of your educational career.

In today’s competitive admissions environment, hard work and ambition are not enough to get in.

We provide you with the strategy, inside information and mentorship that will give you an edge in gaining admission at the world’s most elite institutions.

Achieve and Excel.  Go to Ivy.


Go to Ivy offers a refreshingly different and positive experience for those aspiring for the Ivy League and other top universities.

Customized services focus on helping you create an authentic and compelling application that is unique to you, not a prepackaged copy of someone else’s vision.  We help you discover, pursue and demonstrate your passions to college admissions committees.

We also also coach you on how to ace exams, learn success skills and access networking opportunities so that you can succeed on your own terms in college admissions – and the rest of your life.

Achieve and Excel.  Go to Ivy.